Glass Cleaning Tips

Glass Cleaning Tips

Recommended Squeegee

In most cases, clean water and a high quality squeegee is all that is needed to keep your shower glass clean and optically clear. Our recommendation is the Elite Shower Squeegee by Cleret.

Elite Shower Squeegee: Pure Elegance!

Dual Wiping Blades For Double Action Results

18 kt. gold, chrome or satin nickel accents make the Elite the choice for the person who demands the best. Chosen as Consumer Product Of The Year by the Industrial Designers Society of America and selected for inclusion in the Smithsonian’s Permanent Design Collection, it is the most highly acclaimed squeegee in the world.

So What Makes The Elite So Special?
    • 18 kt. gold, chrome, satin nickel accents
    • Award winning unique design
    • Patented 10 inch dual wiping blades for superior performance
    • Wiping blades conform to contoured & irregular surfaces to get every drop!
    • Stands on edge for neat storage
    • Super soft wiping blades willl not harm delicate surfaces
    • Handle made from tough ABS plastic
    • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
Recommended Cleaners

In most cases, water and a squeegee are all you need to clean your shower glass and frame. In the event you have soap scum build up, try Comet Bathroom Cleaner. It is safe for the glass and hardware

For best results: On tougher soils, let stand for several minutes before wiping.

To disinfect hard non-porous surfaces: Spray product on surface and let stand for 10 minutes before wiping. For highly soiled areas, clean before following disinfecting directions. Comet Bathroom Cleaner With Disinfectant kills a broad spectrum of household germs, including Salmonella choleraesuis, Staphylococcus aureus (Staph), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Escherichia coli (E. coli).

Sprayway Glass Cleaner
        • The most versatile glass cleaner available – cleans glass, windows, mirrors, windshields; enamel surfaces, chrome, tile, porcelain and other hard surfaces.
        • Dissolves dirt, grease, grit, and grime.
        • Heavy-duty foam clings to vertical surfaces.
        • Guaranteed to leave no film.
        • Contains perfume-grade alcohol for best performance.
What Are the Benefits of Using a Microfiber Towel?

By Alex Burke, eHow Contributor

Traditional cleaning tools cannot clean as deeply as a microfiber towel.
Each microfiber towel contains thousands of fibers that work together to trap dirt, loosen debris and deeply clean where cotton towels cannot. A microfiber is a synthetic fiber with a diameter 100 times smaller than a human hair. The ultra-thin fibers are woven or pressed together to make cleaning products like towels and mops. The microfiber towel works best when it is dry and used without chemical cleaning products.

Cleans Without Chemicals
Microfiber towels rarely require chemical products to aid the cleaning process. Chemical substances are typically used during cleaning to loosen dirt and dried debris from a surface material (plastic, glass, metal.) Microfiber towels contain thousands of ultra-fine strands of microfibers that loosen the dirt and debris without the need for a chemical substance. The microfiber strands are woven together leaving open areas in the weave of the towel that allow dirt to be trapped through the scrubbing motion.

Uses Less Water
Less water is used with a microfiber towel than when using traditional cotton towels making it a good green alternative in water challenged regions. The reason less water is used is because the microfiber towel is most often used dry. Wet, soaked microfiber towels are useless for cleaning away dirt and dried substances. Microfibers are very absorbent (a benefit when cleaning up spills) and soaking the towel in water before use causes the open areas in the weave to fill with water. However, lightly misting the dirty surface with water will aid the microfibers to absorb dirt loosened by the water.

Deep Cleans
Microfiber towels can remove tough dirt that other types of cleaning towels cannot. The curly, thin ends of the microfiber material reach into the crevices of a surface and grab hold of hidden dirt. Cotton towels have fibers that are thick and cannot clean as deeply. Microfibers sweep away more dirt and trap the debris in its fiber content thus removing the dirt and taking the debris with it. Microfibers trap and carry away dirt. However, cotton towels cannot trap as much dirt and the dirt stays on the surface of the towel. Loose dirt then redistributes or resettles on the newly cleaned surface.

Alex Burke holds a degree in environmental design and a Master of Arts in information management. She’s worked as a licensed interior designer, artist, database administrator and nightclub manager. A perpetual student, Burke writes Web content on a variety of topics—art, interior design, database design, culture, health and business.

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