Glass Coating Treatment

Glass Coating Treatment

The following is from the Wilson Glass website.

If you have ever priced a shower door or partition from a glass company, you have probably been offered the option of some type of glass coating that is made to protect the glass from water stains and/or dirt and grime. Some companies swear by it. Some companies don’t offer it. There are several different types. This page should break down all (or almost all) the options as well as explain the pros and cons of using a “shielding” coating on your shower door.

If you don’t care about all the different types and just want a recommendation on whether to get one or not, I recommend against using coating on your shower door. (This is my recommendation only. There are great uses for these coatings. I am only recommending against them as a general rule for people who are unsure. I don’t have any test results that say that these products are bad, these are just my opinions.)

Here are my reasons why I don’t recommend the coatings:
  • I don’t think they will last much longer than 5 years – The coatings might say they will last the lifetime of your shower or that if you treat the coatings every year they will last forever, but what if it doesn’t? If you call the glass company in five years and say that your coating has worn off will they replace your shower? We have had a hand full of people call within a year of installation and complain of strange marks or fogging on the glass even with the coating. There are definitely more successful installations of the product than unsuccessful, but when the glass does end up fogging up and the customer paid for a product that is supposed to eliminate that, you will end up with having to reorder a shower.
  • Some cleaners can destroy the coating – I have had at least one person call me that worked for a cleaning agency that had cleaned a very expensive shower with the wrong product and destroyed their glass coating. The whole shower became foggy and it couldn’t be fixed. At that point they were looking at having to buy their customer a new shower or losing their business. I don’t think it was the cleaning peoples fault, but how was the owner to even know about the coating since they just bought the house?
  • Too much trouble – Personally, I don’t want to worry about my glass coating. I want to take a shower and get on with my day. I think you are better off using uncoated glass and if you develop water stains you can use some of our cleaning products like Sparkle to get rid of that. I have had customers come to me about maintaining the coatings and besides giving them a page of paper that says how to clean it there is not much I can do. It is a delicate product that requires maintenance.
  • Added cost – Obviously everything has costs associated with them. This is no different. We charge around 5 dollars a square foot for the coatings that we offer and that is probably low.
Below is some information about all of the coatings that I could get info on so that you can choose for yourself.

So you know, these coatings are usually applied at the factory. They are usually third party products that are sold to glass fabricators so that they have a product to offer their customers. Anyone in the glass industry can purchase the coating supplies, but you need space and a clean area that is pretty dust free so this is usually done at the factory.

  • Clear Shield – This is a product that a lot of people offer. We also offer this product from some of our suppliers.
  • CWshieldTM – This product comes from a reputable shower door manufacturer. They are a good company that we use frequently for framed shower doors. This product is really only offered on their products so it is on here for information mainly.
  • Shower guard is actually a part of the glass. We are told that it is obscure until it is tempered. Then it becomes clear. Shower Guard has long guarantee but doesn’t feel slippery to the touch.
  • Diamond Fusion is one of the more popular glass coating lines. We have supplied this product as well as Clear shield several times with good results.
  • TPC Surface Protector is a do it yourself glass coating that you spray on your shower. Instead of spending $200, this product is about $14 for nearly a lifetime supply. It is basically like RainX. We use this at my house and re-apply about once per year. But in hard water areas you may need it more often. We remove water stains first with Sparkle.

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    Thank you for a good honest opinion. You were fair in your explanation, your facts and offerings. I’m in the process of making a decision on custom doors and this blog was very helpful.

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