Tips For Tile Repair

Tips For Tile Repair

When asked to remove shower glass for the purpose of repairing tile beneath it, some special considerations need to be made during the repair. Alluring Glass uses very narrow tolerances to install the glass. If any dimensions change more than 1/8″, the likelihood of the same glass being installed is reduced. We can typically adjust within 1/8″ of change, but in more extreme cases, some aesthetic compromises may have to be made, or new pieces of glass may be required.

For instance, if a 4′ wide curb slopes laterally (across the width of the opening) 1/2″ out-of-level, the glass may have been cut out-of-square to fit. If that same curb was repaired and reinstalled level, it may not allow the glass to fit as it once did.

Before you begin, survey the area where the repairs are to be made to understand prohibitive changes you may make during your project. Measure down from an existing groutline or a bench, for example, or use masking tape to create reference points around your work area so you can have confidence the same glass will fit once again.

We recognize that staying within the tolerances given here may be a challenging task. It is our priority that this project be completed in the least expensive manner without a compromise to the aesthetic quality. We provide you this as a source of information for you to consider during your project. If we can aid you with or clarify anything proposed here, please call.

Chris Hansen
Alluring Glass, Inc.

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