Door and panel with a pony wall shower

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Are you aware that your layout and tile work can have a large impact on your frameless glass shower enclosure cost?

We find the current trend on shower enclosures is clear heavy glass applications with the least amount of metal showing as possible. After speaking with many of you it seems your objectives are to supply this solution to your clients while staying on time and in budget with initial bids delivered.

We recognize that this can become difficult as unforeseen obstacles drive up your costs. Looking into the future and anticipating these challenges can greatly improve your opportunity for success.

To that end I want to share a very common unforeseen issue that arises in shower enclosure costs. I will use the term “Elbow” during this explanation for any cut happening in glass that requires a concave or convex angle on an edge. Please see images below.

Any single elbow (concave or convex) in your glass can add as much as $300 or more to the project. There are a lot of ways an elbow can happen but an avoidable one is layout. One area I see elbows occur a lot is when the door meets a knee wall. Picture example below.


Door and panel with a pony wall shower


This typically results in the door needing an elbow as seen in drawing below.


door-panel with pony wall measure drawing


What the drawing shows is that the door has to be cut or fabricated as in the picture below


measure drawing of door with an "elbow"

Costs would go up.

Layout Solution:

This can be mitigated by making the opening large enough for a glass “leg” to come down and still leave the door size you want. The smallest glass “leg” should be at least 4″ wide. Then the enclosure would look like this.


door and notched panel with pony wall example

This layout solves issues with the knee wall angle and as an added bonus solves issues around the knee wall cap. (Note overhang issues for cap due to door swing)

Please call anytime you would like to discuss best layout designs in helping with glass enclosure costs or functionality. If we discuss these potential obstacles at framing then it saves headaches for you at final.


Thank You,

Nathan Madden
Alluring Glass| Director of Sales
O: 513.321.2527 x102


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