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Jerry Beerman

Founder – CEO

I’m the founder & owner of Alluring Glass, specializing in custom shower glass and mirror applications. Additionally, as I started scaling and hiring, I recognized the need to develop our ‘internal customers’’ (staff).

We work to build our team holistically; inclusive Alluring Glass has been in business for 16 years. While searching for ways to add value to the residential trades beyond our product and service, I helped launch Conduit. Conduit is a tribe of leaders & owners who recognize that we all can get better together.

Dakota Beerman


I am the Alluring Glass Integrator. I take the visionary ideals of the Owner and make them a reality! I started at Alluring Glass at the inception of the company working closely with Jerry to form what has now become a thriving business.

I’ve worked almost every position at Alluring Glass as well as some positions outside of the company on my journey of personal growth and development. My biggest passion at Alluring Glass is to see the team thrive together towards the success of our goals and vision.

Mark Schulte

Senior Project Manager

Daniel Cox

Project Manager

PJ Tegeder

Project Manager

Jeff Barbour

Senior Laser Templator

Marc Menne

Laser Templator

Phil Martinez

Laser Templator & Lead Craftsman

Bailey Sester

Lead Craftsman

Erick Rios

Lead Craftsman

Noah Tuckerman

Leads Craftsman

Jonathan Barger

Lead Craftsman

Dan Funk

Support Technician

Jahkiren Oliver

Support Technician

Jake Pearson

Warehouse Lead

Jacob Conn

Ordering Lead

Steve King

Sales and Marketing Lead

Ellie Beerman

 Accounting and Human Resources

 Alluring Glass Brand Promise


We are committed to responding to and fulfilling all customer inquiries effectively and efficiently.


Get a fast, accurate, and transparent quote for custom glass solutions within 24 hours.

Ready to Template

If needed, we can template your custom glass projects within 24 hours, for a timely and efficient service.


Install custom glass within 7 to 10 business days following templating, for a quick and efficient service.


Requests will be scheduled within 24 hours, ensuring prompt and reliable after-sales support.

Our Core Process

Send a picture to the Project Manager of the space needing shower glass.

The Project Manager will email you to provide viable options with the corresponding info.

Once the desired application is agreed upon, the Project Manager will deploy a senior laser templater to visit.

The laser templater will bring glass and hardware samples, answer any remaining questions, laser template, and get the glass on order.

The Project Manager will schedule a lead craftsman to visit to install the custom shower glass.

​The Project Manager will call you to ensure complete satisfaction has been achieved.


Alluring Glass Inc. is more than your “on time” “on budget” supplier of quality and durable glass products. We value you, our contractor partners, the same way we value our business, thus we created Conduit.

Conduit’s ultimate objective is to help your business grow by providing you access to the latest technology, improving your skills in hiring the right people, and ensuring your growth through effective implementation of measurable goals. At Alluring Glass Inc., we share our success by helping you write your own success story.

During the Conduit event, we cover what’s most important to you and based on what we’ve heard, we’ve broken down the main categories of the event into sections to help you tackle the challenges around sales and marketing, hiring and training, as well as, operational improvement. In the end, you get a real-world actionable plan to help you succeed. Small business owners today are wearing so many hats. Unfortunately, most of those hats are linked to working “in” the business vs. “on” the business.

The constraints preventing most owners from actually achieving the growth they desire, however, are tied to their ability to work “on” it, not “in” it. I have found in my own small business as well as talking with other owners, there are specific constraints we all face. Constraints like effective sales & marketing practices, hiring and training processes, general operating systems etc…the world has changed with the internet now and our customers are so much more educated than ever before.

We need to make sure we stay current and up to date with how to most effectively communicate with them.


Conduit was created to help business owner like me and you have access to the latest strategies and tools to remove those constraints to allow our businesses to grow to the vision we’ve always had for them. Hiring and retaining the best team seem to be a constant journey. To add to it, small business owners face a never ending punch list of items to accomplish and it seems as if we are operating on an island.

Our employees don’t truly understand the pressure, even our spouses don’t really understand the pressure. It can feel overwhelming, isolating and incredibly stressful. Conduit was created to help bring together like minded business owners that share in the same dreams, aspirations and of course, frustrations with running a small business.

Having the right team of people that actually understand what you’re going through because they fight the same battles every day can make a huge impact and be incredibly helpful and encouraging. Over these last few years, one of the things I found to be true in my life is that for growth to happen…real change…I need goals, a way to measure those goals and someone to hold me accountable to doing what I’ve committed to do to achieve them.

I found that it is extremely easy to get lost in the chaos of the work day and without someone there to hold me accountable to change, I tend to resort regularly to status quo. In the end, Conduit was created to offer a place for those who desire change and to get the coaching and accountability necessary to see that change become transformation.

By having to report our progress to others that we trust, it helps us stay on track and achieve exactly what we desire for our lives and for our business! Looking forward to seeing you at this year’s Conduit Event.