In the world of trades, teamwork isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a game-changer. As Jerry Beerman, owner of Alluring Glass and co-founder of both CAP (Conduit Apprenticeship Program) and Conduit, knows all too well, the collective effort of a well-aligned team can accomplish feats far beyond the capabilities of individual members.

The Power of Collaboration

Jerry begins his discourse with a simple yet profound example: a single horse can pull 8,000 pounds, but when paired with another horse in a synchronized effort, they can pull a whopping 32,000 pounds. That’s the magic of teamwork—a 24,000-pound increase in capability.

Strategies for Fostering Teamwork

Jerry shares three key strategies he’s gleaned from years of experience and collaboration with fellow business leaders:

1. Connecting the Dots

One of the foundational elements of effective teamwork is ensuring that each team member understands how their role fits into the larger picture. Jerry invokes the anecdote of John F. Kennedy at NASA, where a janitor saw his task not as mere sweeping, but as a vital contribution to the mission of putting a man on the moon. Leaders must help their teams see the end goal and how their individual tasks contribute to it.

2. Pursuing Excellence

Excellence isn’t just a goal; it’s the standard by which success is measured in the trades. Each team member must commit to executing their tasks with precision and dedication. Whether it’s installing shower glass, laying drywall, or wiring electricity, every aspect of the job must be done with excellence to uphold the brand promise and ensure customer satisfaction.

3. Leading by Example

Leadership sets the tone for the entire team. Jerry emphasizes the importance of leading not only by words but also by actions. He recounts a story of a master craftsman who, instead of criticizing a subpar job done by another tradesperson, simply redid the work himself to ensure it was done right. Leaders must strike a balance between holding team members accountable and providing them with the opportunity to learn and grow.

In the world of trades, teamwork isn’t just a concept—it’s a necessity for success. By helping team members connect the dots, pursuing excellence in every task, and leading by example, businesses can cultivate a culture of collaboration that propels them to new heights of achievement. As Jerry aptly puts it, “TEAM together, everyone achieves more.”

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